Write for us

So! You’re brimming with experience and knowledge and a fervent desire to be heard? You’ve come to the right place. Before you write us with your idea or with your attached article or infographic, here are the rules:

  • Be relevant to EntrepreneurTalk! We accept submissions about entrepreneurship, startups, small business, and related topics.
  • Don’t try to sell something in your post. If you’re building a link, then link to an excellent source of information that supports the point you just made, and not a product page, a commercial homepage, or a sales letter.
  • There is no length minimum or maximum. It should be detailed and interesting enough that I feel a desire to publish it. If that’s not there, it isn’t happening.
  • Know what you’re talking about. It’s very obvious if you’re just writing for the sake of putting words on a page.
  • Please include a byline
  • If you attach pictures to your submission, please include relevant citations.


Topics we are currently looking to have covered include:

  • Non-compete Agreements: What is reasonable? What is enforceable?
  • When do I quit my day job?
  • Calculating your margins
  • The costs of employee turnover and the financial importance of employee retention
  • Understanding your employee and having reasonable expectations
  • Deciding when to hire
  • How to employ someone
  • Things that are illegal to ask in an interview and why
  • Interviewing: What you need to pay attention to


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